You know what you want to accomplish, but the process of planning how to reach your goals can be challenging.

You might have heard before that 1 hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.

Strategies of breaking down significant goals into smaller milestones, setting timelines, and continuously tracking progress are commonly used in professional environments.

However, putting these actions into daily life can be difficult.

Often we don't effectively achieve our goals, resolutions and dreams, ending up with less happiness and dissatisfaction in life.

It's usually a result of encountering similar obstacles along the way:

Lack of clarity

Setting clear and specific goals is crucial for success. Without a clear direction or vision, it's challenging to make progress. Vague goals or lack of understanding about what one truly wants can lead to a lack of motivation and focus.

Lack of structure

Setting goals is just the first step. Without a well-defined plan of action, it becomes difficult to know how to move forward. Planning helps break down larger goals into smaller, actionable steps, making them more manageable.

Lack of commitment

Achieving goals requires a high level of commitment and dedication. People who are not tracking their progress, easily become less committed to their goals and give up when they face obstacles or challenges.


How it works?

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Why should You use Willway?

Say goodbye to procrastination and start taking action

Within minutes, you can outline your "bigger picture" and construct a practical plan to turn it into a reality with a structured roadmap for success.

Maintain a laser-sharp focus on your goals

Embrace progress over perfection. Willway allows you to take one step at a time while providing the flexibility to develop your skills in the future further.

Transform your vision into manageable steps and habits

Shift your attention to individual actions rather than being overwhelmed by the magnitude of larger tasks. Maintain clarity and progress steadily.

Experience being on a purposeful journey

By acknowledging your progress, you'll gain a sense of fulfilment and motivation to continually set and achieve even more ambitious goals as time goes on.

What science tells us about Goals?


Studies found that individuals who set goals aligned with their values and interests experienced higher well-being and life satisfaction. Goal setting provided a sense of purpose and fulfilment, contributing to overall happiness.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology


Research showed that individuals who wrote down their goals were likelier to achieve them. This study highlighted the importance of written goals and accountability in goal achievement.

Gail Matthews, Dominican University of California


Investigation of the relationship between goal setting and stress management found that individuals who set goals and utilised effective goal-setting strategies experienced lower stress levels and greater psychological well-being.

Journal of Business and Psychology


It was proved that goal setting positively influenced time management behaviours. Individuals who set specific, time-bound goals were more likely to engage in effective time management practices, leading to increased productivity.

Journal of Experimental Psychology

Solution that can serve anyone.

We designed this tool to help individuals from all walks of life, whether you're striving for progress in relationships, excelling in your professional work, physical fitness, or exploring new areas of personal development.

Forget about the hassle of downloading or learning a new app. We built Willway Goals Planner using Google Sheets, making it compatible with any browser on nearly any device. You can check system requirements and browsers here. A FREE Google Account is all that's required to use this template. Please note this template is NOT compatible with Excel, it can ONLY be used with Google Sheets.

We've done all the work of creating formulas, formatting, and designing, so all you have to do is to follow the template and build your plans.

As a cloud-based tool, it offers seamless accessibility no matter where you are. Whether travelling or unable to access your primary device, Willway Goals Planner ensures you can maintain your routine and stay on track with your goals.

Video tutorial and detailed instruction included

Guidance within spreadsheet with tooltips

Exemplary goals and plans for your inspiration

Ready-to-use Plans for You included!

The Willway Goal Planner template comes with an extra spreadsheet already filled with outstanding Goals, accompanied by Steps, Habits, and valuable knowledge materials, all available for you to utilise freely. Feel inspired as you construct your personalised goals or quickly copy and paste them into your sheet to follow the plan effortlessly.

Available plans with the Willway Goal Planner:

  1. Build and nurture meaningful relationships
  2. Improve Health and Fitness
  3. Start the new online business
  4. Achieve better financial security and stability
  5. Create YouTube Channel
  6. Become a Project Manager in software development

Introducing Willway Goal Planner, as a spreadsheet-based tool, we incorporated our proprietary methodology for goal-setting and self-productivity management to pilot-study it with wide audience of users.

We build upon the success of our highly acclaimed rate reviews from satisfied customers:

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Willway Goal Planner

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